Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dorothy's Purses

I recently realized that I couldn't remember ever giving my childhood neighbor Dorothy a gift for either Christmas or her birthday. I may have given her something way back when, but I felt guilty that I have been making things for other people and that I had neglected to make her anything. That being said, I decided to find out what she would like in a handmade, one of a kind purse. After basically being left to my own devices with only the requirement of several pockets and a keychain holder, I went to work searching my sizable fabric stash for some Dorothy-worthy fabric. The following purse is what I came up with.

The large shoulder strap is actually a recycled belt and the smaller white handles are recycled yokes from the hubby's suspenders that he wore at our wedding. I thought the butterfly and floral print screamed Dorothy. She seemed to really enjoy it as well. So much so that one of her only remaining family members commissioned another purse to give to her for Christmas. I just finished it and it will be in the mail today. Here it is.

It came out a little more Barbie than I initially intended but I think she will still enjoy it. It's a sort of french print for the main part of the bag. I found this fabulous bedazzled chiffon remnant and I just had to use it on something, so that is what is on the outer part of the exterior pockets. The interior of the pockets are lined in the same grey canvas material as the handles. The interior of the purse itself is a sort of tweed grey that I thought might help tone down the pink on the exterior. It doesn't have the plethora of pockets on the inside like her first purse but maybe she can take this special occasions like bingo so that she can carry back all of her winnings.

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