Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simplicity Dress Pattern 2404

So in an effort to whittle down my ever expanding stash of fabric (I'm sure many of you can relate), I decided to try to make a dress using the Simplicity Dress Pattern 2404.

I had some purple, cotton jersey knit material that has been sitting in my stash for quite a while and I figured it was about time to do something with it. So here is what I came up with.

I used a cream colored zipper on the back to add some interest and also because it was one of the few zippers of that length that I had in my zipper stash and I didn't want to have to go out and buy anything for this stash busting project. I really like the neckline on it. It's very 60s chic. The best part is that because it is jersey knit, it's really comfortable to wear. Now I just need an excuse to wear it somewhere.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sewing Area Spice Rack Storage Solution

While I was at that fabulous garage sale where I found my new bread maker, I was told that if I returned after 1 p.m., all of the remaining items would be free. How could I pass that offer up? When I returned, I found one of those spinning spice rack storage containers. You know, the ones that have 47 little glass bottles of spices that you maybe only ever use 3 of when you cook? This container, thankfully, had a bag full of empty glass containers just begging to be used in my sewing area. I was more than happy to oblige and I brought them home.

Unfortunately when I got it home and began taking the glass containers out of the bag, I found that there were actually 5 containers missing. That was alright though, I found a solution to fix that. I just put my most commonly used large spools of thread in those spaces.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Garage Sale Bread Maker

What you first need to understand, is that I pretty much grew up garaging. Yes, I fully realize that garage is not a verb....that is, it is not a verb to those people who do not partake in the sometimes full contact sport of going to garage sales. I remember hearing garaging war stories from my mother about how I was going to garage sales while I was still in the womb. That is how deeply rooted garaging is for me. That being said, I've been slacking since I left home so long ago. Especially this summer with the ridiculous temperatures that we've had. I just couldn't bring myself to drag myself from sale to sale in triple digit temps. It was beautifully mild out this morning and there just so happened to be a large annual sale at a local church, so I gave in to my garaging nature and went to see what they had. I've found that sales where they are held in a large building, like a church or a school, seem to have the best selections. It's like going to the equivalent of 5 sales in one fail swoop.

I was lucky enough to find a sweet deal on a cross stitch lap stand ($2) and an even sweeter deal on a breadmaker ($5). The breadmaker was the exact same brand and style as the one we have at home, so I figured that even if it didn't work, at least I would be able to get a replacement mixer basket and little mixing paddle out of the deal.

Luckily, the breadmaker works like a champ! It actually looks cleaner than our other one, so I think my mom might be receiving our old one very soon.

Check out the fabulous walnut-cinnamon rolls we made with the new bread maker. Warning: the following images may make you drool and/or want to go out and buy a bread maker of your own.