Thursday, November 29, 2012

Burberry Plaid Fleece Jacket

I know I've been a terrible blogger lately and I hope this post helps to make up for it. I've been busy at work and working on projects such as my fantastic new fleece jacket that I recently finished.

Everyone seems to be making those fleece no sew tie blankets lately. There is nothing wrong with these blankets, but I just don't have the patience for them. When I saw this fleece material, my first thought, instead of a blanket, was to make it into a pea or trench style jacket. It reminded me of burberry print with the large plaids on it. I could have gone with a black liner, but I thought the dark grey felt a little less formal and a lot more fun.

I especially love the buttons. I added the little tab on the back for looks. I don't necessarily like a belt, but I like the idea of a belt so I thought this little bit on the back would work for that.

Like my purses, I had to add extra pockets since I seem to love pockets. Each side has an exterior pocket lined in grey and an interior welt sort of pocket, also lined in grey.

I may still tweak the sleeves a little, since they're bigger than I would like, but other than that, I LOVE this jacket. It's fabulously warm and other than the frustration I had with matching up the plaids, the pattern was a breeze to use.

I promise I will post more of my latest projects. In fact, the hubby and I just got done taking a silversmithing class tonight, so I am anxious to share my creation with all of you.

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